New Years Eve at the SpatCave


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Tony and his zoom in pics!

Ok, I'm done!

Ok, I am probably drunk.

Tony taking more super zoom pics.

They look a little pissed off, huh?

Maybe we're lucky, and his camera is broken so he can't take any more super zoom pics!

Of course, he gets mad when you do it to him!

Sam, she am.

Still going.

Tony looking for his next super zoom victim.

And it's John!!

Alberto, party animal.

I don't know if he's dancing or fighting.


And then it came time for our Matrix/Superhero photo shoot. The plan was to take these pics and edit them to make it look like a cool super duper fight scene! Think it'll work?

And with his New Years Hat off, Alberto reminds us all that it's time to call it a night!


Happy New Year to all from the crew over here at the SpatCave!!


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