New Years Eve at the SpatCave


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This year, I didn't get around to making any plans for New Years, so at the absolute last minute I decided to have a little party at my place for a few friends. Nothing crazy (for once), just some food, music, and fun with some good buddys. Photos on these pages are both mine and Tony's.

My house, cleaned up and all the furniture re-arranged for a party! Big thanks to Heather for all the help cleaning up!

John, first to arrive, and our music-meister for the night.

Looks like it was a full moon!

Tony hiding from the Paparazzi!

Tony picking on Heather and Alberto.

My party light from Target!

Eric looking sad and silly.

Me, probably telling stories. "This one time, I was in a bar, drunk off my ass, with a Tibetan Monk and a can of gasoline..."

Photo time with Heather.

Steve, John, Mike and Sharon.

Sam's new tattoo thanks to Eric! Nice work!

Am I drunk yet?

Sam and Heather.

Theresa, John and Heather. Why does he get all the chicks?

Alberto checking to make sure he's drinking from the right cup.

Mike and Sharon.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Heather making Alberto feel at home!

Boogie time!

The men conversing.

Tony and Alberto.


Who the hell is he calling? No one likes him!

Sharon making sure everyone liked her deserts.

Me and Eric.

Heather all askew!


Heather biting her nails. bad Heather!

Eric's mouth. Why do we let Tony take pictures again?

And the full torso Tony pic in two halves.

The host with the most!


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