New Years Eve 2005


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Mmm.. Champagne!

Jenny and Drew.

Jennifer looks like she's been hitting the Helium tank a little too hard. Oh, wait, we didn't have a Helium tank...

These guys were so great to haul all their gear over and play all night in my living room!

Drew wandering around the party with some Tequila Shooters in a spray bottle!

Jennifer blowing so hard looks like she's about to burst a blood vessel.

Hey, look! I'm videotaping! Woo hoo!

Tracey hiding in the corner.

The ladies partying down!

Drew spraying the Tequila Shooters right past the camera and into my mouth!! Lucky he's a good shot.

Girls blowing... horns.

Me videoing Tony taking a picture of me videoing Tony talking a...



Acoustic Guitar.

Electric Guitar.

Me videoing, Drew hunting for more Tequila victims.

Eric taking it in the mouth.

Is she gagging because she's standing next to Drew, or did he do something naughty to her?

Tracey looking innocent...

And then attacked by Tony with his new toy, Chocolate Redi Whip!

Paul tooting his own horn.

Me, Paul and the ladies of the SpatCave (I claim them since they're all wearing SpatCave hats!).

Who gave him a guitar!?! Everyone showing off that they know more than 3 chords. :(

Paul is such the ladies man! (Photo courtesy of Tracey).

Now he toots 2 horns at once.

He's so talented. (Photo courtesy of Tracey).

Eric and I taking flying lessons.

Eric's new tattoo.


When all was said and done, there were 2 pieces of the four foot hero left, four full garbage bags of empty beer and champagne bottles, and a lot of hung over people, feeling the impact even days after the party. I know I was.

Here's a shot of me cleaning up the house the next day.

And here's a picture of my broken door. Seems that someone must have been messing with the lock on the door during the night, and when it was pulled closed, it locked me out. So, in order to get to sleep that night, I had to kick it in. Always a good way to end a night... kicking in a door!

Big thanks to Tony for taking the pics, and helping me set up and then clean up the next day.

See you all next year!!


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