New Years Eve 2005



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Woo Hoo!! New Years Eve!! Once again it was time for the big party! And once again, I decided to let people trash my house. Man am I stupid.

Big thanks to Tony for snapping the pics all night for me!


As is tradition, everyone gets a little drink on New Years. Not to push for any endorsements, but Belle did seem to really like Mike's Hard Lemonade over the MGD. I'm just saying...

In addition to the usual group of rabble rousers, Frank and the band showed up (we've renamed them The SpatCave Dwellers) and played! And in the pic above, you can see Rich having some sort of fit.

All couples were velcroed to the couch for the night.

Belle sneaking a drink of the Hard Lemonade.

Mmm... Yummy.

Drew stealing Steve's seat. Shuffle your feet, lose your date...

That's right, they came all the way from Germany and Austria just to attend my New Years party. That's how freaking cool I am.

For those who don't know, I've been teaching myself to play guitar. I know 3 whole chords, and can play "When the saints go marching in", and "Jingle Bells".

So the band let me play along, since 90% of all music is played in A, C, or D. And those are the three chords I know. (Photo courtesy of Tracey).

Smiley girls! (Photo courtesy of Tracey).

The highlight of the night was the rendition of their classic love song, "Suck my cock." Yes, it's a sing-along. (Photo courtesy of Tracey).


It almost looks like I really know what I'm doing! By next year I do plan to learn at least 2 more chords, and maybe one more song. No promises.

Show off. Bragging because he knows I can't play standing up yet.

Paul thinking he's all that. (Photo courtesy of Tracey).

Me and my bitch! (Photo courtesy of Tracey).

Rocking out! (Photo courtesy of Tracey).

Ewwww. And after his drink, he put the bottle right back in the fridge. Disgusting. (Photo courtesy of Tracey).

Go Frank!! Note, he only has 4 strings, my guitar has 6. I'm just saying... (Photo courtesy of Tracey).

The winners of the "Traveled the Furthest For a New Years Party" award. There was quite a lot of competition.

Mary Alice, very shiny.

As usual, a pic of Frank making a silly face!

And to ensure that the we violate ALL fire codes, the main hub of the party was right by the front door. I think this was mostly so they could mug anyone who came in late.


Secondary hub of course, was in the kitchen.

Mike and Sharon. Mike taking a picture of Tony taking a picture of Mike taking a picture of....

Steve looks so cute in his purple hat!

Me, Drew, Rich and Belle! Ringing in the new year!

Four drunk guys and a very little dog. Sounds like the title of a new TV Sitcom...


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