(Day Before) Memorial Day BBQ


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Dan and Jenn again.

He thinks he's Indiana Jones.

Ruby's first beer.

Belle! She spent the whole day just waiting for people to drop stuff so she could sweep in and eat it!

Me, telling a very interesting story.

Tony. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.




Zorikh and the rainbow cookie.

Tracy looking very relaxed.

Jenn, eating an Acorn just like a Squirrel does.

Frank and his iPhone trick!

Drew, angered.


Tony and the cigar again.

Zorikh looking innocent.

Who keeps taking the super close up pics?

Drew and Stacy. Don't show Steve this pic.

Me and Rena. She happened to be in town working on a film and swung by for the BBQ. After the party, she called me 3 times just to try and get the recipe of SpatBurgers! Like I would ever give that away!

Rehydrating. Or is that Vodka?

Stacy actually fits behind it!

They wish.

Got your nose!

Mike and Sharon actually brought the baby over! This is about as close as I like to get to children. Of course, under the conditions of Megan's Law.... Never mind.

Time to break out the fire pit and roast some Marshmallows!

Someone's toes. I'm guessing Tony's maybe?

Ruby the Unibomber.

Someone's legs.

The drugs are kicking in.

Frank only has one iPhone gag.

Someone said something naughty.

Damon and Anthony with Little 1 in the foreground!

As the night wore on, we moved inside for a little Rock Band fun before calling it a night.


And then Monday, we all nerded out with a little demo of DnD 4.0!

See you at the next BBQ!


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