(Day Before) Memorial Day BBQ


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I do love throwing a Barbecue! So, with Memorial Day coming, I decided to throw one!

This is actually from a few days earlier when Drew, Nat and I were rocking out with a little Rock Band action on the PS3!

Drew calling you out.

Ruby hiding.

And then trying to play Rock Band without the Play Station.

Zak's daughter, who actually brought a wicker basket and thought she was going to be able to get Belle to sit in it so she could carry her around all day. Silly girl!

Jenn, a left over from the ICon crew.

Dana and her man.


Drew's food.

Belle's food.

Spat's food.

Someone's thumb. Who the hell took these pics?

Brian and his nipple.

Up Drew's nose.

A beer bottle.

My shelf in the bathroom.

My toilet. This is the last time I just leave the camera on the table.

Corn! The corn was a great touch, definitely need a lot more of it next time as I didn't get a piece.

Is Drew eating butter?

Taken by surprise!

Me, kind of.

The whole crew!

Stacy looting the beer.

Shrimps on the Barbie! And they were super yummy!


She goes right for the cupcakes.

The ladies of the BBQ... And Keith.

Jen looks very interested in what Dan is saying.

Food, food, food!

So true.

My newest party favors.

Frank playing some guitar.

Mike showing us where the bad man touched him.


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