SpatCave 4th of July BBQ


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Joe, slipping and sliding once again.

Belle trying out the Slip N Slide, and Steve thinking he was bowling.

Some neighbor's kids watchign through the fence, getting very jealous.

Heather, after we threw her in the pool.

Ooh, that water is cold!

Frank goes head first!

Steve on his perch.

Wide shot of the festivities.

Heather and Belle.

Sam and Belle.

Sam alone. Belle holds grudges.

The crowd.

Mike and Steve.

Everyone making fun of Rich for saying he was coming and then bailing out at the last minute.

Heather overthrows Steve and claims his perch.

That's just not safe if you ask me.

Heather scheming her revenge.

Sam and Ed. Looks like he's planning to throw her in the pool as well.

A picture of a picture! Oh no!

Belle hiding in Cat's shirt. I think she got tired o swimming.

Drew trying to get Belle to look at the camera.

Cat explaning something very important.

Heather playing with fire.

Drew on fire.

Drew giving a sparkler gift to Heather.

John having a good time.

And finally, Heather giving the double bird while Cat laughs.

All in all, it was a really great night, lots of friends, lots of food, a little too much wine for me, and I can't wait for the next one!


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