SpatCave 4th of July BBQ



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Summer crept up fast this year, as it often does, and before I knew it, the 4th was here. For once, I decided to hold a BBQ on the 4th, instead of a day after, and I think it worked out well!

Belle, very confused as to what all these people are doing hanging out in her bathroom.

Jim, sporting his Jedi House t-shirt.

Dan brought over a load of gear to sell again. This poor Jawa kept getting drunk and falling over.

Dan, the Star Wars selling man.

Some crowd shots.

Belle getting her first swimming lesson.

And then hiding in Cat's lap, very pissed off.

Setting up the Slip N Slide.

And there goes Joe! Missing the pool by that much.

Sam, after her run.

And me, flawlessly executed.

Steve and Cat trying to get Belle into a box for some reason.

Steve with a Sparkler, right near all the rubber things that don't react well to hot, sparkling metal.

Sarah and Joe.

Sam and Dana.

Rebel Ed, the BBQ Bouncer.

Frank and Jon grabbing some food.

Heather and Drew plotting evil things.

John and Jim looking cool. Or trying to at least.


Heather's monkey foot.

And then came the water show!


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