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Rachel finally figures out that she's been caught on my camera. See, the ladies of DragonCon made me promise that I wouldn't take any pics of them this weekend. So I gave the camera to Rich or Eric, and had them take all the pics. I always find a loophole!

Everybody having fun.

Orlis is telling Jewel naughty secrets about me.

Jeanette looks pissed!!

Eric as the Predator wins a prize in the contest!

So does the Killer Clown!

And the Ghostbusters!

And Fett!

Now that the contest is over, it's time to really have fun!

Rod and Heather.

Self Shot!

Jeanette sandwich.

Me and Jeanette cutting the rug!

A picture of a picture.

The DJ!!

The Ghostbusters showing off their opposable thumbs.

Ballerina girl again. Damn, that's a tiny waist!

Me, doing the bus stop!

Me and Eric. It looks like I might be standing on his testicle.

Eric showing off his lack of opposable thumbs.

Another floor shot! Now you know it's late at night.

Eric trying to act normal.

Local bar non-con girl!


The next day, Heather brought Belle to the con!

This was of course the longest she's ever spent running around outside in her life. So after the con she slept for about 16 hours.

Heather and Rod.

Heather, Heather and Rachel.

Slave Leia showing off her blue panties.

Damn, them some hairy legs.

Pinki trying to take after his Uncle Jabba.


Well, that's it for this year! I know I had a blast! And we showed Jedi House at least 5 times. People seemed to love it, so that was quite the coup!


Hope to see you there next year!


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