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Lady in a red dress.

Killer Clown From Outer Space!

Guy in a costume. You guys do understand that I never know what most of these costumes are from.

Another costume.


Jay and Silent Bob! Snootchy Bootchies!


It wouldn't be a SpatCave Escapade without at least one shot of the floor.

I do seem to recall getting hit with that hammer at one point.

Blue dress girl.

Red cape guy.

Devil girl thing.

Lord of the Rings group.

Anime group of some sort.

Me announcing the next contestant.

Amanda getting naughty with Jeanette, and Dustin stuck in the middle.

Me and my boxers. Long story.

Rich with Jewel.

Jeanette getting molested by a clown.

Jeanette, Jeanette, Heather, Rod, and Amanda getting crazy.

Group hug!


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