I-CON 22

3/28 - 3/30


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Well, once again, it's time for I-Con! And this time, I was invited as a guest! That's right, your favorite Spat gave a Panel on Costumes, Props and Special Effects! How scary is that?

Oddly, this is probably one of the few Convention pages that doesn't have any pics of me running around like a maniac, drunk in a bar, wearing silly costumes, or molesting women in every third picture. In fact, there's only one Boob Grab!

Since I was doing panels, and was there as a guest, I decided to dress nicer while at the Con. Of course, people who knew me kept calling me "Proffesor Spat". Oh well, at least I looked good. :)

Well, onto the pics. (Some pics are courtesy of John, they're mixed in, so I won't label them individually)

Self shot with Victor!

I-Con asked me to also host thier Charity Auction for the Cistic Fibrosis Foundation. As well as to donate some props and other items for the auction and as prizes for the Costume Contest Saturday night.

Going once, going twice....

Then it was time for my panel. Literally. The Auction ended at 4, while my Panel started at 4. Needless to say I had a nice run across Campus in the rain!

When I got there the room was already full!

Look at how many people showed up! I was quite impressed!

Unfortunately, due to a mix-up, the projector that I ordered did not show up, so I had no easy way to show pictures of what I was talking about.

So I just used my laptop, and it seemed to work out all right. That day I actually debuted a teaser clip from "Solomon's Requiem" that Alberto (the Director) put togeher for me. It went over really well!

Maria, Scott, Cat, and Rich. My Escorts for the Panel!

Tanya and Zippy guarding the ECG table.

John meets the "Jedi That Eats Peanut Butter M&M's in Space"!

John stealing the self shot!

After the Con ended on Saturday, we headed back to the Hotel to hang out. We watched "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" then went down to the Costume Contest.

Kathy spent the day wearing the "Spat's My Bitch" t-shirt, and a set of my Slave Leia bottoms. She also had a sign on her back that read, "Wondering where my top is? Ask Spat." Basically meaning that I still haven't had the chance to finish making the top for the Slave Leia costume. She told a lot of people, including a camera crew from a TV show (can't remember the name) that if people wanted to see her wearing less clothes, they should complain to me. By the end of the day, I was getting death threats!

Lady Death on his shoulder!

Me, Victor and Kathy at the Costume Party.

John went up to the Dj at one point and told him, "This is going to sound strange, but we just watched 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' and were wondering..."

Before he could finish, the DJ looked at him and said, "You want to hear 'Jungle Love', huh?"

Now that's a cool DJ!

As we were waiting for him to cue up the song, guess who walked in!

Bluntman! Chronic! Cockknocker, and Dickhead!! What timing!

And when the DJ played "Jungle Love", quess who was out on the floor busting a move?

Of course, when he played "Time Warp", the place went nuts!

BRIAN!! Remember this guy? How freaky to bump into him after all these years?

If you ask me, John looks really guilty for some reason.

Carel Struycken (Lurch from the Adams Family) shaking his groove thing!

Arwen! Very nice costume.

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