"Hangman's Noose " Costumes and Props


These are items made for an upcoming film titled "Hangman's Noose"

"Hangman's Noose " is an Alberto Martinez Production. It's a Sci-Fi film being shot in and around New York. SpatCave was hired to do costumes, props and special effects make-up for the film.

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And here we are on our first day of shooting. Now we get to test out the appliances and see if they actually work!


Here's Z with the appliance on taking a break to eat.

And now Heather is belnding the colors to match his skin.

Since Hangman's Noose is being shot in Black and White we had to make sure that the make-up would look good without color. Sadly, my camera doesn't take pics in black and white, so Sepia was the only other option!

Some more test shots.

And then checking him with the hat on.

Some final adjustments with the eyes in place...

And Viola! The Dagger!

Sam with the Dagger!

Alberto taking a pic with his creation.

And now here I am checking his gloves, and posing!

Z and Brandon waiting to shoot!

Z making a call.

And now it's time for the Duck appliance!

Wow! Look how fast I work!!

Working on the back of the head.

Brandon watching and laughing!

He looks like a demented clown, doesn't he?

And now here he is with the Duck bill in place.

Finally on set, here's Alberto in full Duck Gear!

Yes, he was directing the film while in full Duck make-up.

Brandon working the camera.

Go Ducks!!

Dagger posing.

Me looking like I'm working.

Me with the nights creations!

Heather with the Duck and Dagger!

Pepper with the Duck and Dagger.

Pepper and Z.

Duck without his top bill!!

And finally without any bills!


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