"Hangman's Noose " Costumes and Props


These are items made for an upcoming film titled "Hangman's Noose"

"Hangman's Noose " is an Alberto Martinez Production. It's a Sci-Fi film being shot in and around New York. SpatCave was hired to do costumes, props and special effects make-up for the film.

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Alberto Martinez, Director of Solomon's Requiem is now working on a new film, and called on the crew of SpatCave Studios to do all the costumes, props and effects make-up.

First he sent us some drawings of the main character, "The Dagger". We needed to make an appliance for the actor that would make him look like this.

Secondly, he wanted a Duck Man for another scene. So we needed to make an articulate duck appliance along with feet and wings.

Eric came in and sculpted up the Dagger appliance, and we fitted it with some clear plastic lenses we vacc'd just for the project.

Next we needed a mold of Alberto's head because he would be playing the Duck!

After the typical abuse we give to all our victims, we had a mold! I blame Tony for the slogans.

One plaster bust later, and we're ready for sculpting!


Here's the first sculpt of the duck with bill. The bills were sculpted seperately and made to fit into the main appliance. We figured this would make it a little easier to talk and make it look more natural.

Look, I'm working!

And here's the mask without the bills to show the base lines where everything will attach.

The bills all by themselves.

The top bill all cleaned up and ready for molding.

And here are the bills ready to be covered in silicone.

Here's Alberto's Duck sculpt ready to be covered in plaster.

Squeezing out the silicone!

Heather mixing up the plaster.

Finishing up the front of the mold.

And once the front half is finished, we can get ready to mold the back.

And here we are starting the back half of the mold.

The after results of a plaster fight between Heather and myself. I won by a landlside!

And here's Heather labelling the mold so we know what it is!

The Duck bills were cast in Rigid Expanding Foam so they would be light weight, but still solid. Heather painted them up, and they looked great!

Duck feet! yes, these are store bought, but we were in a rush!

Duck Wings! Eric sculpted these out of Medium Density Foam and detailed them with a soldering iron. Later, Heather painted them up with some Texture Spray and detailed them with her airbrush. Sadly, we only had 3 days to make these arms, so they were a bit of a rush job!

And here's the first foam latex Dagger appliance.

And the first Duck appliance!

And here's the Dagger's weapons of choice! Twin .50 cal Desert Eagles! They'll be modified a bit before we start using them, but I thought I'd stick a pic of them up here!


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