Fanzilla Con

6/11/04 - 6/13/04

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And here we are, finally at the actual Convention! Saturday they of course showed a lot of fan films, and indie films, and the SpatCave crew did our panel on mask making and special F/X make-up. Showing people how to do these kinds of effects inexpensively for their films.

Stormtroopers!! Damn, these guys are everywhere!!

Scott... Oh, Scott... What are you doing? Great costume, huh? I like the way his brain is showing.

And that's the last picture of the Convention for Saturday!! Don't we take some great pics at these shows?

Saturday night was the Fanzilla Costume contest, and they asked me to be the judge for it.

Scott came out as... Naked Scott. I have absolutely no idea what this costume was supposed to be.

Here we have some contestants and the prizes! First off, Kevin as Darth Seth, and Alex as the Cosplay Fairy. As for the prizes, first prize is the full length trench coat that TJ is modeling, and second prize is the Cowboy hat. Third prize was TJ herself.

Shane came out in his Correlian Officer uniform from Revelations and when I asked him what his costume was, he said "I'm a gay Bullfighter, you can check me out at!"

Well, first prize went to the Fairy, second prize went to Shane, and third prize went to Darth Seth! Poor guy, stuck with TJ all night.

After the contest, we headed out to a strip club called Centerfolds for a few drinks. Heather of course was mistaken for one of the dancers, and later, Shane bought Heather a shot! And that shot came with a stripper sitting in Heather's lap grinding on her while Heather got the test-tube shot out of the girl's hot-pants! It was quite the sight to see!

After last call, it was time for a little "Late Night Roof Top Garage Wiffle-Ball"!!

Shane running the bases!

Heather as catcher.

Shane calling his shot!

Heather winds up!

It is out of here!!

What the?!?! A Touristy type photo on the SpatCave?? How can it be??

Heather checking the bases...

Mark getting ready...

Shane swinging for the fences!

Strike one!

Strike two!

Strike three!

And here's Zafe, our photographer/referee for the night.

Zafe, Heather and the camera strap.

Elevator fun!

And then finally, on Sunday it was back to the convention. You do remember that we were there for a convention, right?

Here we are in the green screen room making an impromptu fan film using body parts and gore made by the SpatCave crew!!

Mmm... eyeballs...

Heather, the Amazing Bird Catcher.

And finally, it was time to head home.


Oddly shaped dumbell looking building.

And finally, dueling McDonalds, one on either side of the highway, with a speed trap in the middle!

All in all, we had a great time at Fanzilla, and look forward to being at the next one!! Big thanks to Mark, Chris, Scott and everyone else who helped make the first Fanzilla Con a huge hit!


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