Fanzilla Con

6/11/04 - 6/13/04


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When Chris, Mark and Scott invited me to attend Fanzilla Con in Worcester (pronounced "Woostah"), Massachusetts, I knew this was a show I had to be at! It's a convention all about Fan Films and Independent Filmmaking! How could someone like me skip it! And of course, being invited was quite the honor. So we jumped in the Spatmobile and cruised our way up!

On the way up there we passed this bad boy being towed by. Very nice.

Once we got up there and checked into the hotel, there was an intro dinner for the guests, and we bumped into Shane (Revelations) again, and met some new folk as well. Then we headed over to the Bijou to watch some fan films! After that, it was time to... what else? Hit a bar!

Heather cutting a rug at a club called "The Attic" upstairs from a bar called "Irish TImes".

Anthony and Rob discussing world politics. Or maybe just checking out the eye candy!

And here is a rare step-by-step tutorial of the newest dance craze sweeping the Nation!! The Scott-Tusi!!

I don't even want to know what Rob is about to do to Heather!


Anthony and Jess, one of the lovely Woostah ladies.

Rob looking so suave.

Heather belly-dancing.

Hey, look! It's me! Finally!

And then Scott jumps in and blocks me out!

And it's me again!

More Woostah ladies.

Heather asked me where Shane and Marc were and why they hadn't shown up, so I used my Shanedar to find him...


Well, I guess there are some perks to being as short as Rob is!

Then Marc finally showed up! Apparently, Shane had been calling my home number all night trying to find me, rather than calling my cel!

Is it me, or does it look like Shane is about to lean in and plant a wet one on Rob?

I tell you, today I am totally seeing things in these pictures. To me, it looks like Rob is about to take a bite out of Anthony's arm.

Jediah?? Irish Jedi's? Jewish Jedi's? What's going on here!?!?!

Oh, I'd say I've had enough.

Marc keeping Heather warm. Or maybe she's like bursting out of his chest or something? Heather the Alien!! In Woostah, no one can hear you scream!


Here we are on line for some late night pizza! It's pretty much the only place open in Woostah at 3 am!!

And finally, here's our lovely pizza girl!

Up next... The actual convention!!


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