The Shampoo Fantasy Island Party


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Where has that tongue been? And where is she trying to stick it now?

Drunk and friendly, and I'm in a skirt. What a freaky night.

Lucky doorframe.

Crowd shot.

Girls dancing on the stage! Gotta love it.

Rosa and Trish. Is it me, or do I have a lot of pics of them?

Uh oh, rival school-girl!! That's what I forgot! I forgot to put my hair in pigtails!!

Crowd shots.

And more crowd shots.

Shy bartender.

Oh, I loved these costumes....

"No pictures!!" Hey, at least my legs are crossed!

Party goers.

Friendly bartender.

The infamous Hot-Tub.

See, when bartenders get fresh, the girls start a-swinging! Nice shot though!

Shannon and I. Huge thanks to Shannon again for inviting us.

These two were funny, I just wish I could remember their names!

Rosa and I holding each other up!

Crowd shot.

I could watch her dance all night....Gotta love the ink!


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