The Shampoo Fantasy Island Party



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Shampoo is a Night Club in Philadelphia that holds Raves every once in a while in their parking lot. They set up a big tent, and throw a huge party. Usually themed. This one's theme was "Fantasy Island ". Basically, we were supposed to come to the party as our fantasy. Well, Calvin and I thought long and hard about what our biggest fantasy was. And then we went to the party!

That's right, our biggest fantasy is Catholic School Girls. I couldn't figure out a way to dress as two women.

And look who it is, our two favorite Club Girls, Rosa and Trish!

Trish loved sucking on my boob pacifier!

Damn, are those pants low cut!

Calvin started to like that funky breeze going up his skirt after a while!

Trish rubbing on Mistress Saeri. Big scary Devil girl!

And here's Trish dancing with the Royal Castlecon! Calvin later told me that the Royal Highness went to the Hospital later on, but I must have missed that. I missed a lot that night!

Calvin cutting in and dancing with Trish.

Rosa makes a new friend!

Big red Devil butt!!

That's right, I'm a naughty Catholic School Girl! And I really needed this spanking.

Some crowd shots for Shannon to use on the Shampoo Website!

Our favorite Bartender, Mike! Good thing I don't drink Johnny Walker Black, I really don't like where the bottle has been!!

Rosa shaking it for the camera!

Spat busting a move!

Some more crowd shots.

Then it was time to head up to the D.J. Booth and show Steve how we do it in the Convent.

Then he showed me up. Ok, so he's a little better than I am.... Just a little....

Trish gets friendly with Steve.

I don't know who this guy is, but he had a cool control panel, and then Trish got friendly with him.

Don't know who this girl is, but she liked posing for pictures!


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