"Cross The Line"

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Here are some behind the scenes pics for the upcoming film titled "Cross the Line"

"Cross the Line" is an Allie-Way/Arbo Pictures Production. It's a Cop Drama being shot in and around New York. SpatCave was hired to do costumes, props and special effects make-up for the film.


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Setting up for the shoot.

Reviewing the script.


Tina in her Cop gear.

The Raid team lining up.

Tina opening up a can of whup ass.

Jim going over his lines.

Getting ready for the shoot.

The Raid team waiting for the signal.

Some publicity shots.


Playing on the PSP while waiting for them to need me.

A fight scene.

Lunch time!

And Al with half a gun because he kept pulling the trigger during rehearsals.


Well, that was the last day of shooting, so all that's left is Post Production and then this film should be released! More info when I get it!


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