"Cross The Line"

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Here are some behind the scenes pics for the upcoming film titled "Cross the Line"

"Cross the Line" is an Allie-Way/Arbo Pictures Production. It's a Cop Drama being shot in and around New York. SpatCave was hired to do costumes, props and special effects make-up for the film.


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Gym Shoot

Szu stretching.

Wow, it really looks like I'm actually working!

Anthony prepping the camera.


Jim and I stealing lunch.

Jennifer re-bruised.

Crew prepping.

Stick 'em up!

Re-bruising Al.

Mike giving Tina some last minute direction.

Al getting ready for his beating.

Finally! She's quiet!

Blocking out the shots.


Tina re-beaten.



Jennifer's birthday!

Movie Theater Shoot

Jim and I in SWAT gear.

SWAT Team.


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