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And here's the whole group.

And Evelyn. She looks like she's about to snap her fingers for some reason.

Then we met up with Chris and Glen. They made the Dead Girl Party complete!


Liz and Mel.

Jason chooses his songs with his machete.

Suzy keeping an eye on Belle. They both have red eye. How odd.

Looks like Jason when for the Boob Grab!

Me, Belle and Marie.

Liz and Tony. I see the family resemblance.

Mel and Tony.

Tribal Chick.

Mel finally getting out of that gear!

Evelyn shedding.

The appliance.

Freddy and Belle!

Belle was in a pissy mood that night. She had gotten into a fight with an American Eskimo outside the hotel. The Eskimo ran and hid behind its owner, and Belle came back with a mouth full of white fur!

Some girl dancing on the stage.

Robert Picardo, me and Belle.

Oh no! Liz without make-up!

Mel looking mostly normal.

Liz in a mask.

And finally, Liz checking out the band.

Hope you had fun checking out the dead girls, and be sure to congratulate Tony and John for the awesome work they did!



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