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Chiller?? In January?? What the?

Yes, it's true. Chiller Theatre threw a "Dead of Winter" convention in January. Sadly, I was too busy that weekend to stay the whole time, but I did get to stop in on Saturday and check it out. Tony was there for the whole weekend and he and John had some chicks up in their room and they were... Putting make-up on them.


Pictures on these pages are from me and Tony. I don't feel like labeling them all!


Mel has Tony crawling around at her feet somehow.

John, a fellow SpatCave crew member, helping Tony make hot girls look dead.

I took a break and went down to the bar with Belle. She found Zippy and a few other old friends and made them smell her neck. That's her new thing.

I headed into the Con and was immediately stopped by Marilyn Chambers. She wasn't stopping me as much as she was stopping Belle. As usual, Belle couldn't get 10 feet without getting stopped by someone wanting to pet her, or take her picture.

Funny how in Felix Silla's arms Belle looks like a normal sized dog! For those who don't know, Felix played Twiki on Buck Rogers!!

Back up to the room, and John is putting the final touches on Evelyn.

Tony is still working on Mel.

Liz is just about ready and really pissed off at how ugly she looks!

Shana playing with Belle.

Evelyn sprawled out on the bed.

Look, I'm helping! I jumped in at the last minute and did the blood on Evelyn. And then took all the credit for everything!!

Evelyn and Belle.

And finally... Evelyn is ready! Awesome work, Tony and John!

And now Liz is done! Ewww.

Again, Tony and John did some great work.

Suzy, getting jealous of how gross all the other girls look...

And here's Mel, all done!

And more shots of Mel.

And more shots of Mel.

A shot of Mel in a mirror.

And now the girls are ready to go down to the con... just as the con ends... OH!!


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