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Drew finally shows up.

Heather with Ricco again.

Drew with Mark and Ricco.

Heather with Dean Stockwell (Quantum Leap).

Heather goes blonde.

Heather and Drew.

Drew saving the seats.

Belle meets Wonder Woman.

And then takes on Catwoman.

Scary monster!

Belle meets some nurses.

Belle playing with a cowgirl.

Here's an example of the worst possible thing to have written on the back of your pants when I'm near you and have been drinking.

Heather with Martin Kove (Karate Kid).

Heather and the Bishop.

Vic goes Native and gets close with Heather's leg.

Kathy and Heather.

Glenn Shadix (Beetlejuice) plays with Belle.

Matt meets Belle.

Belle meets models Chanel Ryan and Candace Kita.

Drew with Ernie Hudson.

Belle attacks Ricco's table.

And then takes on Ricco's action figure!

Belle with Alana Curry (Terminator 3).

Finally, after all that excitement of meeting all these new people, Belle finally met her match.


That's all for this time, hopefully at the next con, I'll actually be in a few pictures!


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