Chiller Theatre


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Well, it's been a while since I spent a weekend at Chiller. But I figured it's been long enough, and it was time for me, Heather, Drew and Belle to go out to Jersey and check out the con!


Heather goes red.

Victor showed up, and even after constantly saying he had to leave, he ended up staying there all weekend.

Heather on Vic's Hog.

Heather with Ricco Ross (Frost from Aliens) and Mark Rolston (Drake from Aliens).

Me and Vic with Mark and Ricco.

Heather and I with Ernie Hudson (Ghost busters).

Heather and I with Matt McGrory (Big Fish).

Dancing with Mark at the bar while he tries to eat.

Heather getting her groove on.

A drunk guy passed out at the bar and being escorted out by the Police... and it wasn't me for once!!

Me and Heather with Louis Smalls Jr.

Julie Benz (Buffy/Angel) playing with Belle. I must say, by the end of the weekend, it seemed like everyone knew Belle by name. She was more popular than anyone there it seemed.

Playboy Playmate Barbara Moore playing with Belle.

Belle joins the 501st.

Belle's a Biker Bitch.

Szylvia with Belle.

Belle attacking Godzilla.

Ox Baker (Escape From New York) introduces Belle to his dog.

Me and Belle with pinup model Linda Tran.

Me and Belle with Barbar Moore.

Belle taking a break for a drink.

Heather goes short.


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