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10/25 - 10/27


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One illustrious Sponsor, Chris.

Chris and Calvin. Calvin was about 37 hours late to Chiller, arriving 30 minutes AFTER the party started. Which wouldn't have been so bad except for the fact that he had the alcohol and most of the beads!!

Vic and Toni making evil plans....

John looking offended and disgusted at whatever it is Jenn is offering him for his beads....

Alex racking up the points (no pun intended). Only one set of Spatcave beads, but a lot of single pointer's in there as well!

Calvin bustin' a groove!

"Toga, Toga, Toga!"

Look at them all just ogling the girls as tehy go by!!

Everyone anxiously awaiting the next contest.

Hiding in the corner, avoiding the freaks!

And then it was time for the next contest! The Pajama Swap Contest! The rules? A guy and a girl get under a blanket and swap clothes! Judges add extra time to teams that they thought were extra sloppy, and take away seconds from those that gave a free show! Team with the least amount of time wins!

Two teams ready to start!

Here's Alex and Zippy doing the swap!

Alex trrying desperately to help Zippy get changed! He seemed to be having some difficulty. Funny how she looks fine in Zippy's clothes... oh, wait, he's wearing women's clothes anyway!!

Many of us at the party were scarred for life when the blanket fell to one side and we all got to see Zippy En Flagrante, if you know what I mean.

The next team stepping up, notice Victor in the background wearing clothes that he didn't come to the party in!

Next up is Kathy and John! Look at them go!

Are these some sexy men or what?

The judges wondering why they bothered to pay to see men wearing women's pajamas...

Awaiting the final judging...

As I tease everyone by going through the gift bag to see what the winner gets...

The judges looking very happy with their decisions.

Another crotch shot, never give Eric the camera.

Zippy getting a little naughty for a guy wearing his second set of women's clothes in one night.

The second place winners! Kathy and John! The girl gets a bag of goodies, while the guy gets a mass Boob-Grab!

And the grand prize goes to .... Alex and Zippy! Woo Hoo!

Took quite a while to get Victor to give back the clothes!

Alex negotiating for more beads.

Me in my new outfit from the Hugh Heffner Collection.

Sleepy time.

And then we prep for the last contest! Thirty Seconds to Fame! The rules, well, there really aren't any. The girl simply has 30 seconds to do whatever she wants in front of the judges to get the highest score!


Where are the pics of that you ask? Sorry. Those are now part of my private collection!

Afterwards, it was off to a private area to count up the totals for the two girls left in the running for the $500 grand prize, Kathy and Alex.

The final total, 350 points to 250 points. The winner, and new Pajama Party World Champion, Kathy!!

And here she is sporting her new "Got Spat T-shirt" (available from the SpatCave Store) that she won in one of the gift bags. Actually, she ended up with 3 of them from all the times she won!

And here's the final tally for the night:


Number of people who tried to sucker their way into the party wearing street clothes - 35

Number that actually did get in - 0

People who, when turned away, got revenge by complaining to the hotel about us - 4

Number of cops that came up to respond to noise complaints from the above morons - 3

Number of minutes (on average) that it took the cops to find the party when they got to the 18th floor - 6 (Why? Because there was no noise! The cops even told us to not worry about it. If they couldn't hear it while specifically looking for us, then we couldn't be making that much noise.)

Number of morons who shot off a loaded Blank Firing gun in the hallway - 1

Number of noise complaints the hotel supposedly got about our party from actual hotel guests - 4

Number that were probably due to the gunshot - 4

Number of celebrities that were right across the hall from us and didn't even know there was a party going on - 1

Number of people in the room right below us that didn't know there was a party above them - 1

Number of people named Animal who were at the party for over an hour before they even noticed we were playing music - 1

Number of people we wouldn't let in who then tried to turn a fire hose on us - 3

Number of times one particular moron threatened to throw someone out the window if he couldn't come in - 3

Number of dirtbags who hid in our shower to watch the girls change for the Wet-T-shirt contest - 1

Amount of time in seconds he stayed at the party after that before being physically tossed on his ass by Victor - 9

Number of times people came to the door and asked if Kevin Smith (Silent Bob from the Clerks films) was inside the party - 8 (apparently there was a rumor going around the con about that)

Number of times I saw Kevin Smith running around the party in a thong and garter - 0

Number of times I saw Zippy's private parts flapping around - 2

Number of gift bags given out - 12

Number of gift bags that contained a set of SpatCave beads - 4

Number of Sponsors that actually kept thier SpatCave beads at the end of the night - 2

Number of SpatCave beads I made for the party - 14

Final auction price of a set of SpatCave beads at the party - $35

Average amount of time in minutes a Sponsor actually kept thier SpatCave beads before a girl suckered them out of them - 15

Number of assholes who couldn't get in, so they told the hotel we were raping women in the room - 1

Final time the cops did break us up because of the rape call - 5:30 am (technically 4:30 due to Daylight Savings Time)

Number of things that actually broke at the party - 1 (a glass sconce from the chandelier that we had put in the closet specifically to keep it from breaking)

Final price the hotel charged for repairs, cleaning, and reimbursing other hotel guests for all the noise we supposedly made - $325


Well, that looks like it for this episode of Chiller Theatre and the SpatCave party. Drew has some pics from the weekend that they'll be sending me over, when I get them, I'll post them as well. And we also have some video of the PJ Party that will need to be heavily edited before it can be shown here, so check back often to see if there are any other updates!


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