Chicago Comic Con '10

8/17/10 - 8/23/10

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Tia gets a Costumed Spat Mustache Ride. And be sure to check out Tia in the October 2010 issue of Wizard Magazine in the costume contest!

Eric gets some expression!

Matthew and me. He's the best Bad Kid From Hell that I know!

Eric makes a friend!




After the con Saturday, it was time to hit the Costume Contest and Masquerade Ball! The Masquerade Ball was the Mafia 2 Video Game Release Party!

Mike Hogan (Col. Tigh from Battlestar Galactica) sleeps in the lobby of the hotel.

Gorgeous Model Josie Lee becomes her own VIP area at the party!

Me and Radeo of the Suicide Girls!

Our Best In Show costume contest winner with Zombie Hulk!

Me and Uncle Hulky.

Me and the winner! This guy was awesome! He did a medley of all the commercials rolled into one. It was awesome!

Now that's the last waiter you want to ever see!

Josie Lee gets a Spat Mustache Ride!

Yeah, she loves it!

Removing it is tricky...

Clare Kramer (Glory from Buffy) gets a Spat Mustache Ride!

Froggy and Clare!

Paul McGillion (Dr. Beckett from Stargate) rocks the Spat Mustache.

Echo Chernik (amazing illustrator) gets a Spat Mustache Ride!

We're like twins!

Some more Spat Mustache Rides.

A Groucho!

Wow, when Larry puts the mustache on, he looks just like that Soup guy on TV!!

Peter goes Spat.

Anthony goes Charlie Chaplin.

Monica gets a Spat Mustache Ride!

Yeah, chicks dig the Spat Mustache Ride!

And then, getting punched out by Alyssa!




Last day of the con!

Here I am with Paul McGillion!

Getting punched out by Richard Roundtree (Shaft from Shaft).

Getting decked by Michael Trucco (Anders from Battlestar Galactica).

With the amazing Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman from The Six Million Dollar Man).

Getting punched by the infamous John Savage (Deer Hunter).

John Savage!

Art Baltazar (Artist on Tiny Titans for DC) in his Superman Costume.

And then Molly beat the crap out of me!

Then Alyssa and Molly beat the crap out of me!

And then Molly struck a pose!

Me and Molly!


Overall, it was an amazing weekend (even though it was really almost a week!). Hope to see you at the next one!!


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