Chicago Comic Con '10

8/17/10 - 8/23/10

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Wizard World's Chicago Comic Con came around again, and once again, it was time for me to head to Chicago to work the show!



Anthony and I arrived in Chicago on Tuesday and headed to... the bar!

Strange wood sculpture at the bar.

And a cool mini speaker. They had a lot of TV's all over the bar, all set to different channels, and you can grab this, and tune it to whichever channel you want so you can hear the TV!


Scary spider outside the hotel!




Wednesday we got to the Convention Center and opened up the box of Volunteer T-Shirts and found this note from Paul (our t-shirt guy).

Anthony showing off our "Con Supplies".

Froggy relaxing.

And then there's that spider again!!




Thursday our Volunteer team arrived. We walked by during out orientation tour and noticed that the Batmobile was in the wrong place. I mentioned it to the owner and he asked if I thought the Volunteers would like to help push it into place. They nearly knocked me over rushing to help!!

I love Artist Alley!

After setting up the show, we headed to the bar and ran into Model and Actress Max Wasa!

Here, Max is using some kind of Sonic Screwdriver on Larry Thomas (The Soup Nazi from Seinfeld) while Daniel Logan (Boba Fett from Star Wars Episode 2) and Lisa Loring (Wednesday from the Addams Family) hang out!

Lisa and Anthony!

Daniel Logan calling you out!

Daniel stealing Max's thingie.

Me and Eric!

Here's a shot without the flash so you can see that the tip glowed!

Eric, Tracy and Daniel!

Daniel and our waitress!

Ooohh, Lens Flare!

Me and Daniel!

Max stabbing me with her sunglasses!

Me and Max!




Then it was time to actually have a convention!!

Me with Bobby Clark, the Gorn Captain from Star Trek!

We decided to get some of our Artists to sketch on a t-shirt that we would then auction off for charity. So we send some Volunteers out to go get them, and this is what they got! Awesome!

We also sent some other Volunteers to get autographs from all the media guests on another t-shirt! Sweet!

Hulk Smash Spat!

Here's one of our Volunteer t-shirts. Our guests usually sign these for free for our awesome Volunteers!

Richard LeParmentier (Admiral Motti from Star Wars) as Groucho Marx!

Kim getting a Spat Mustache Ride.

I usually always get punched and beat up by the guests at the con, but after Philly this year, I noticed that everyone was suddenly doing that! So I found some fake mustaches and decided to give Spat Mustache Rides at the bar!

Then Max got a Spat Mustache Ride and Kim punched her!

Our bartender gets a Spat Mustache Ride!

Marilyn Ghigliotti gets a Spat Mustache Ride!

Dana gets a Spat Mustache Ride. Apparently, this is what all the ladies want for Christmas this year!

Lisa Loring gets a Spat Mustache Ride!

Mmmm... 'tis like Mother's milk to me...

Daniel Logan hits puberty!


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