California Trip



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Well, the weather in New York was really getting me down. Cold, windy, snow, ice, etc. So when my Uncle called and invited me to come out and visit him in Santa Monica, how could I say no?

Here's my Uncle Charlie after picking me up at the airport.

Man, Spat Man.

So nice to not be freezing!!

Can you believe it took my Uncle three tries to get the car to fit inside the lines?

For those who are not hip to Californian news, there's a strike going on at the supermarkets, so there are protestors out all day harassing people trying to buy groceries. How freaky is that??

Sometimes on vacations I get bored and chase Windmills. What? You don't?

Meditation shrine. This is where I come to touch myself. I mean, get in touch with myself. I mean my inner self. I quit.

Gandhi's ashes. Rumor has it that he fought like hell to get out of that oven. Non-violent resistance my eye!!

Palm trees, you gotta love it.

How sad is it that my Uncle is a cat person?

This is the most awesome store in Santa Monica. Puzzle Zoo! This is their Lord of the Rings window display.

And also in the window, Batman and Catwoman!

The next day we were off to Venice Beach!

Uncle Charlie looking buff.

The ocean! Gotta love the lack of snow and ice!

Sand Dragon! Scourge of the beach adventurers!

In joke. Didja get it?

Here's the orange tree in my Uncle's backyard. And they're yummie.

Gold's Gym! What a cool place. But damn, those weights are heavy! I almost broke a sweat!


For dinner that night, my Uncle decided to make my favorite Turkish dish, Köfte.

Oddly enough, even though he's using my Grandmother's recipe, it's strangely similar to my Spat Burgers!

And the finished product grilling up.

Of course, if you're short on chop meat, you can also use cat. It's what's for dinner!


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