"Captain Bucky and His Space Marshals in Outer Space"


SpatCave Films is currently in production of a series of short spoofs

based on retro 1950's sci fi serials, called "The Adventures of Captain Bucky and His Space Marshals in Outer Space".

"Captain Bucky" is an SpatCave Films Production. It's a series of 5 minute shorts about Captain Bucky and his crew of Space Marshals patrolling the galaxy to keep Democracy and Freedom safe for all citizens of planet Earth. We are currently in production, and here are some pics:


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Episode 1

Jim, dressing down the crew.

Space helmets at the ready.

We're prepared for every contingency!

Space Marshalette Jill (Erika Smith) and Captain Bucky (Spat)!

Me and Belle.

Ruby being attacked by the giant Moon Monster!

Adjusting Jill's helmet.

On the moon!!

Walking across the moon!!

Space Marshalette Jill.

Jim directing the action.

Rose, Mike and I moving the giant Moon Rocks.

Smoking up the moon.

Tony is superhumanly strong!!

Jill, Bucky, Sudsy (Belle) and Dickie (Jonathan Joseph Macdonald)

The crew!

Jill teaches Dickie the ways of Outer Space!

Jill and Bucky after a tough day of saving the Universe!

Jill gets congratulated!

Don't worry, Bucky is here!


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