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"Brownsville" is a 3 story vignette feature that SpatCave Studios has been hired on to do costumes, props and FX Make-up for. It's being shot in and around New York.

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Apartment Visit

Here are the new Police Uniforms. We're trying to move them more towards the NYPD style, while still keeping them unique.

And here's Damon, the Co-Director, Co-Writer.

Park Shootout

Some old bullet wound make-up on the actors.

Blocking out the action.

Natural surveying the scene.

Damon checking out the camera.


Another set of my cops. Next I need the short sleeve shirts so the poor actors won't sweat so much.


Once again, I'm cast as a Detective! This time, I'm Detective Rizzo! And here I am with my partner, Detective Brown, played by Nazareth.

I can read!!

Natural playing solitaire on his phone.

Nazareth and I getting ready for our scene.

So, do we look like cops?

What's funny is, the next day I saw some undercover cops walking by, and spotted them from a mile away, and I think Nazareth and I looked better.


Here we are grilling Mark.

Drive By

We make such a better Crocket and Tubbs than those other two guys!

And finally, picking up Mark.


Well, that's pretty much all my pics, and the film is wrapped for me, except for a few pick-ups here and there.

Be sure to check back here to find out info when the film is ready for release.


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If you have any questions, E-Mail me.