Spulse MK V Available!

Posted by Spat on May 11, 2012 in Props |

The MK V Spulse Rifle Kit is available!

The MK V is pretty much identical to the previous incarnation, but has clean, fresh molds and a working trigger!!

Here are some pics:

Spulse MK V









Here’s what you get!


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Who likes Zombies?

Posted by Spat on April 23, 2012 in Cosplay, FX |

So, after over 10 years of making foam latex zombie appliances for movies, I finally decided to offer them up for sale!

So if you’re into Zombies and have always wanted to get your hands on a high quality, professional grade foam latex appliance, now’s your chance!!


Here’s what the appliance looks like….








And here it is applied and painted.

If you’re interested, check out my new Zombie Page!  I have lots of different styles and items available!

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Review – DC’s New 52 – Part 4

Posted by Spat on December 7, 2011 in Comics, Reviews |

Ok, final batch of new comics! Here we go!

All Star Western #1. Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, art by Moritat.

Had they just kept this comic titled “Jonah Hex”, it would be as if they new DC never happened.

This is one of the few comics in the new batch that has at least some of the same crew working on it as before (but who else can really write Jonah Hex?).

A great comic, set in the wild West, starring a Bounty Hunter named Jonah Hex. What else do you need to know?

If you were a fan before, keep reading! It’s like they never took a break!


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Review – DC’s New 52 – Part 3

Posted by Spat on October 28, 2011 in Comics, Reviews |

Week 3 brings us 12 new number 1 comics!!

Batman #1. Written by Scott Snyder, art by Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion.

What should have been a re-introduction to the Batman of this new Universe, was instead a drop in on a already established Batman. The Universe of Supers is supposed to only be 5 years old, yet Batman already has a Batcave stocked with 4 Batmobiles, a Batcycle, Batjet, Batcopter, Batglider and his standard set of trophies (Riddler question mark, giant penny, T-Rex, Joker card). He even has an old Robin costume in a case. All in the course of 5 years? Really?

Either way, it’s Batman. And he has a new mystery to solve! Someone wants to kill Bruce Wayne! Shhhh… Bruce Wayne is actually Batman!

It’s Batman. I have to keep reading it!
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Review – DC’s New 52 – Part 2

Posted by Spat on October 11, 2011 in Comics, Reviews |

Week 2 of the new Universe launch brought another 13 books to check out!

Batman and Robin #1. Written by Peter J. Tomasi, art by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray.

I was a big fan of this comic before the reboot, so I was really looking forward to seeing where this one was going to go.

It starts off showing that there was another Batman Franchise in Russia, and then cuts to Gotham and introduces this Batman and Robin. Starts off fresh with a little re-explanation of Batman’s history.

Big fight scene and even a little homage to those classic Batman style “hanging from a chain over a pit of acid” bit, and this is a comic I will pick up again next month!

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Review – DC’s New 52

Posted by Spat on October 8, 2011 in Comics, Reviews |

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have seen that DC Comics has decided to relaunch their entire Comic Book Universe and restart every title at issue 1.

I, like many other morons, decided to pick up each of the new 52 comics to check them out. $160 later, here’s what we have:

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Bad Kids Go to Hell Interview: Bazza and Matt Go to Hollywood in Texas

Posted by Spat on June 29, 2011 in Comics, FX, Movies |

Bad Kids Go to Hell Interview: Bazza and Matt Go to Hollywood in Texas.


Ultimate Gaming Gear!

Posted by Spat on May 20, 2011 in Gadgets, Reviews, RPG |

A lot of people are still waiting for Wizards of the Coast to release their “Virtual Tabletop” for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. When it was announced three years ago, it was supposed to revolutionize the way we play D&D, and make the games run more smoothly, with less need for props and other accessories.

When I first started playing D&D back in the early 80’s, all you needed was some dice, a pencil, and some paper.

Nowadays, our gaming table is 12′ long and COVERED with gaming gear.  And cake.  Mike always brings cake.

So here’s a rundown of (gasp!) almost 30 years of gaming tool upgrades, here’s what our gaming group can’t live without!

Initiative Tracker

Combad Pad Initiative Tracker


Combat Pad Initiative Grid

Keeping track of who goes after who is a pain in the ass!  This magnetic pad comes with blank magnet markers that you can write on with a dry erase marker to track who goes when, what round it is, and keep other notes on it as well.

For $20, absolutely worth it!

It makes it super easy to change the order of combat on the fly by just moving the magnet to the right spot, and you can tell who goes next with a glance.




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Lego SPAS 12!!

Posted by Spat on May 16, 2011 in Gadgets, Rant, Toys |

As some of you know, I am a HUGE fan of the SPAS 12 shotgun.  Not just because it’s only one letter off from SPAT, or that it’s appeared in countless awesome movies (Terminator, Brazil), or even because part of it is the basis of the infamous Pulse Rifle from Aliens.

I just think it’s freaking awesome.

And apparently, so does this guy.  He likes it so much, he made a working (and FIRING) Lego version of the SPAS 12!!


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Review – Homefront

Posted by Spat on May 16, 2011 in Reviews, Video Games |
Homefront Box Art



I was really looking forward to Homefront when I first heard about it.  It’s a new first person shooter for PC, PS3, and X-Box developed by Kaos Studios and released by THQ.  But the thing that really got me rooting for it was that it was written by John Milius (who co-wrote Red Dawn), and it was all about…. defending suburbia from foreign invasion!





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