SpatCave Zombie Appliances


SpatCave Studios is proud to offer professional quality foam latex appliances for all your gore needs!

Each item is hand made in our shop, out of high quality foam latex. No fillers are ever used!

Each foam latex appliance is unique. Variations in color, edging and details is normal.

These are made of latex. If you are allergic to latex, these appliance will most definitely cause a bad reaction. Before starting, make sure that whoever is going to be wearing the appliance is not allergic to any of the materials being used by testing small amounts on the inside of the elbow, under the arm or any other sensitive skin. If a rash is caused, do not continue the application.

As these are raw appliances, there will be a slight odor to them. You can gently wash the appliance with soap and water and allow to thoroughly dry, or just use it anyway as once it's applied and painted, the smell will go away.

Each kit comes with a detailed instruction sheet.

All these items are available in the SpatCave Zombie Store!

Foam Latex Appliance FAQ

All the items below are available in The SpatCave Store

Zombie Full Face - $50
These full face appliances are great for people who don't want to worry about a lot of seams to blend. It covers from just under the chin all the way to the forehead and is perfect for beginners!
Full Face Style "A". This is a smaller appliance, made for a small faced man , or a small or medium faced woman. The tip of the nose should be trimmed away to give some extra sizing options. If you have a longer face, you can trim out the mouth area and glue that down first, then apply the rest of the appliance. That will give you a lot of flexibility to make this appliance fit a larger number of people.
Zombie Brow - $20
These eye socket appliances are great if you want to give your actors the most range of facial expressions. There is more blending of edges, but it leads to much more of your original actor's face coming through.
Brow Style "A". This is a more subtle appliance than the others. This one has smaller edges that are great for a fresh Zombie, or just for someone with a larger face who would look silly with really pronounced eye ridges.
Brow Style "B". This is a much more pronounced ridge appliance. Great for a smaller, or skinnier Zombie that is meant to look a lot more desiccated and shrunken.
Brow Style "D". This is our largest brow kit. It covers a lot more of the cheeks than any of the other ones. This one also has a lot of small veins that are pronounced on the skin. Great for painting up and making look really gruesome!
Zombie Nose - $10
These nose ridges can be used on their own, or in conjunction with one of the Brows above to make your zombie look even more sunken and rotting.
Nose Style "A". A slightly more subtle nose ridge. Great for smaller faces.
Nose Style "B". This nose ridge is a little more pronounced and great for larger faces or a more sunken Zombie look.
Zombie Bite - $10
These bite marks are a great way to show how your victim became a zombie! Can be placed just about anywhere and gored up to make look nice and bloody!
Bite Style "A". This is a more gory bite. More like the flesh was torn away in a fight or struggle. This appliance gives lots of opportunities for you to make it super bloody and nasty looking!
Bite Style "B". This is a more subtle bite. Kind of like something that the victim might have tried to hide from his buddies.... until he turned! This can also be trimmed out and used as 2 individual bites without using the extra latex in between them.
Bullet Wounds - $10
These Appliances are great for simulating some bullet hits, either for Zombies, or for mere mortals.
Entry/Exit Wound Style "A". You get 2 appliances in this kit. One small entry wound, and one larger exit wound.
Entry Wound (x3) Style "A". You get 3 small entry wounds. Use them all on one person who just got riddled, or on a few different people!
Application Kit - $10-$15

These Application Kits come with:

Adhesive – A professional grade, latex based adhesive. Can also be used to cover the outside of a foam latex appliance to seal it and make it hold other make-ups more readily. Can also be mixed with acrylic paints to color or paint the appliance or skin.

Spackle – A thicker version of the adhesive that is best for sealing edges or filling seams on a foam latex appliance. Can also be used to make small scars and for other skin texture effects.

Remover – Used to de-bond foam latex appliances from skin.

Small. Comes with 1/4 ounce of Adhesive and Remover, and 1/2 ounce of Spackle. This should be enough material to apply any of our appliances. Even the full face.
Large. Comes with 1/2 ounce of Adhesive and Remover, and 1 ounce of Spackle. This kit would be great for doing multiple appliances,, or a couple of full faces.
Bag-O-Glass - $15
A clear silicone material used for simulating broken glass. Can be broken and crumbled to make realistic looking, but safe broken glass. Great for embedding in a fake wound for an extra gruesome effect.
Approximately 3"x5" bag of clear silicone, approximately 1/4" thick.
Painting Kits - $15-$25
Blood Kits

All the items above are available in The SpatCave Store

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