Lego SPAS 12!!

Posted by Spat on May 16, 2011 in Gadgets, Rant, Toys |

As some of you know, I am a HUGE fan of the SPAS 12 shotgun.  Not just because it’s only one letter off from SPAT, or that it’s appeared in countless awesome movies (Terminator, Brazil), or even because part of it is the basis of the infamous Pulse Rifle from Aliens. I just think it’s […]

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You Can Make Money on the Internet!

Posted by Spat on May 11, 2011 in Rant |

Well, at least you can get cook gift cards just for filling out surveys! For the last couple of years I’ve been doing online surveys for a company called e-Rewards. Every couple of days you’ll get e-mailed a link to a survey.  If you qualify for it, you get between $5 and $10 in e-Rewards […]

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Going For Four Digits….

Posted by Spat on April 18, 2011 in Props, Rant |

My e-Bay store is now at 999 feedback!  Woo Hoo! Who will be my 1,000th feedbacker?!?!  

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Ninja Squirrels Are On The Loose!!

Posted by Spat on April 9, 2011 in Rant |

I’m pretty sure that this is the squirrel that’s been invading my attic!!  

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Review – Your Highness

Posted by Spat on April 5, 2011 in Movies, Rant, Reviews |

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I assumed it would ultimately degrade into a 2 hour long, non-stop ramble of dick and fart jokes with a deep underscore of “Legalize It!” Well, I saw a preview screening tonight and I can honestly say…. I was right. I can sum this movie up […]

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The Best Cooking Show You’re Not Watching

Posted by Spat on April 2, 2011 in Rant, Reviews, TV |

While skimming through the channels a few months ago, I spotted a brand new cooking channel, called… “The Cooking Channel”. It’s like the ghetto little brother of The Food Network and has indie chefs that no one has ever heard of, and freakier shows that I guess aren’t ready for the big daddy network. There […]

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Why I Hate Spirit Gum…

Posted by Spat on April 1, 2011 in Cosplay, FX, Rant, Tutorials |

A rant by Spat. I got a call today from my buddy Matt.  And while he and I were griping about some guy, Matt chimed in and told me that the guy also uses Spirit Gum to glue on his prosthetics. Of course, the guy doesn’t, but Matt knows that Spirit Gum pushes my buttons! […]

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I Met My Nemesis Tonight…

Posted by Spat on March 31, 2011 in Gadgets, Rant |

And it lives at The Peter Pan Arcade in Bay Terrace, NY. It’s…   BarBer Cut Lite by Namco. It seems like a simple enough game.  Much like the old school crane games, you move a “scissor” left, then forward and try to line it up with the string holding up the prizes.  Cut the […]

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Belle Hates Stormtroopers!

Posted by Spat on March 30, 2011 in Rant |

I have no idea why, but for some reason my dog HATES Stormtroopers! The most painful part is watching her bite down on it’s crotch and start shaking it! Yeowch!!

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5 Cool Items That Will Not Be Used As Intended…

Posted by Spat on March 29, 2011 in Cosplay, Gadgets, Rant, Reviews, Toys |

Here’s 5 wacky gadgets that I’m sure are being used in ways that are completely against the included instructions! SpyCam Video Camera Glasses – Think Geek Obviously, these are meant to be some kind of James Bond, super spy thing, but most people are going to use them in strip clubs.  Admit it.     […]

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