I Met My Nemesis Tonight…

Posted by Spat on March 31, 2011 in Gadgets, Rant |

And it lives at The Peter Pan Arcade in Bay Terrace, NY.


Barber Cut

Barber Cut Lite


BarBer Cut Lite by Namco.

It seems like a simple enough game.  Much like the old school crane games, you move a “scissor” left, then forward and try to line it up with the string holding up the prizes.  Cut the string, win the prize!

Seems simple enough, right?


Of course, the machine at Peter Pan is holding a Sony camera, PS3, iPhone, iPad and a Coach bag.  I WANT that iPad!!

So close...

BarBer Cut Close!


It’s so deceivingly evil!  You’re always just a little off.

So, $15 later, I gave up for the night, vowing to go back and win that iPad.

So if anyone has any advice, tips, cheat codes (or iPads that they want to give me so I can give up on this quest), let me know!

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  • Jim K says:

    What the fuck were you doing at Peter Pan arcade?

    • Spat says:

      Hey! Watch your fucking language! This is a family Blog!

      And I was there because I was curious what kinds of games would still survive in an arcade in the age of being able to game anywhere and everywhere.

  • It's rigged of course says:

    It’s absolutely rigged–Google the operators manual for the machine. There is a counter for the three pairs of prizes (two left, two middle, two right), a “no-win” zone that makes it impossible to win and sensors to detect prizes dropping that resets the counters. You won’t win unless ‘x’ number (settable by the operator of the machine) of players have put in money before you, making it a guaranteed revenue stream for the owner. You’ll notice that when you play, the scissors stop a little too far or not far enough–every single time. Typically this is how claw/prize machines work–they make it impossible to win for the first 800 or so plays; then for play #801 and every time after (until a prize drops, which resets it back to zero), it’s a game of skill.

    The only way to win is to play periodically and hope enough suckers have put in money before you to jack up the counter high enough to temporarily un-rig the machine.

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