Big Apple National '08

11/14/08 - 11/16/08

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Joaquin and Kim.

Kim and Chris.

Kim's ass.

Kim and Spat.

Jeanette and Chris.

Jamal and Kim.


Jeanette's boobs.

Anthony and Cecilia trying to find some Spice Girls on the Jukebox.

Joaquin throwing gang signs.

Joaquin gets to second base for the first time!

Dennis! He's one of the bartender at the Playwright! Stop by and tell him Spat sent you.


Me with Kathlene Garrett (Star Trek Voyager, American Gangster).

Allison with George Lazenby (James Bond).

George with our awesome Volunteer staff!

Tony giving Cathy a head massage.

Me with Lynn Holly Johnson (For Your Eyes Only).

Me with Jamie Luner (Melrose Place)

Me with Cheryl Bachman (Playboy Playmate).

Me and Terri Runnels (WWF Girl).

Me with my good friend Jerome Blake (Star Wars, Fifth Element).

Jerome with Jasmine St. Claire.

Me with Jasmine.

And finally, a shot of the Big Apple Team!

Well, that's it for this show. Big thanks to all my Volunteers, my staff (Drew, Anthony, Jeanette, Tony), the rest of the Big Apple crew, and Michael Carbonaro (the Big Apple boss). See you at the next show!

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