Big Apple National '08

11/14/08 - 11/16/08

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Well, it's time again for Big Apple Convention! A year ago I came to Big Apple to ask about being a guest at a future show and ended up working at the show. At the June show six months ago I was put in charge of the 1st and 2nd floor. And now, at the November National show, I was promoted to Director of Operations for the whole con. Joy. Which basically means that I was the "go to" guy for pretty much everything.

Friday was pretty crazy and I didn't get a chance to take any pics. So here are pics from dinner Friday night!

Me, looking shocked at being put in charge.

Jamal! Haven't seen him since DragonCon a few years back!

Kim! She's new to the group, but welcome addition!

Cecilia and Anthony!

Jamal and me.

Kim and Drew!

Jamal and Kim.


Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca from Star Wars) gets surprised by Frank, Niall and Ruby in Wookie costumes! They shut down the entire Autograph area! Everyone wanted a pic of them.

Jamal and his Wookies!

Shawn and his 2 different shoes. Looks like we woke him up too early this morning!

Eric showed up with his Zombies!!

David, one of our Volunteers, keeping a chair from floating to the ceiling.

Jasmine Mai. Since I get to place all the celebs, I put her right next to the Volunteer station, since that was where I was going to be spending most of my time.

Joaquin and Sudama. Our illustrious Volunteers.

Allison, another Volunteer, taking a break.

Joaquin keeping the columns from falling over.

That night we headed out to dinner. Here's Chris and Joaquin relaxing over at the Playwright (our usual hang out!)

The Big Apple crew at dinner!

Jeanette and I. Jeanette usually works at ICon, but came to Big Apple to help out and run the Panel Room. And she did an awesome job!

Cathy St. George (Playboy Playmate) and friends at the bar with us.

Kim, Jamal and Cathy.

Pushing Jamal's head out of the way to take a pic....

...of Anthony and Cathy.

Me and Anthony!

Kim, Joaquin and Cathy. I think this counts as his first threesome.

Chris and Cecilia.

Cathy and Spat!

Chris and Cathy.

Cathy and Jamal. Did we get everyone in the pic yet?

Me and Chris.

Me giving some love to the camera.


Me molesting poor Kim.

Taking a pic of Joaquin and Kim, but using my hand to make the pic not so scary.

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