Big Apple Comic Con 2010

10/01/10 - 10/03/10

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Grace with Herb Jefferson, Jr.

Harvo (another Fraternity Brother) with R2!

Harvo with a Stormtrooper! He's a HUGE Star Wars fan!

Froggy and Drew!

Grace with Billy Tucci.

Home-made Transformer!

Then it was time to head over to the Costume Contest!

Me with the Knicks City Dancers!

One of our Contest Winners, the Kraken!

Marvel Girl.

Grace in the Batmobile!

Me in the Batmobile!

Me with Dan Fogler (Balls of Fury, Fanboys).

Yeah, our Volunteers get hooked up!

Sue showing off her prize shirt!

And once the wristband comes off, I'm officially off duty!

Now here are some pics of swag acquired over the weekend...

A little gift from Paul (the guy who printed the Volunteer t-shirts).

An original page from Booster Gold from inker Rich Perrotta!

An awesome "Spunch" collection shirt from David!

A birthday card signed by just about everyone at the con from Joaquin!

One of the last BSG Patches from Herb Jefferson, Jr.

A bottle of champagne from Lee Majors.

And I usually never scan these pics to show them, but I got a new scanner, so here they are!

A "Spunch" from Lee Majors (SUPER nice guy!).

"Spunch" from Mark Millar.

Double shot with Adam West and Burt Ward in front of the Batmobile!

And a Zap! "Spunch" from Adam West!


Big thanks to all the staff at Big Apple, all our Guests, and Artists, all my Volunteers and Helpers, and everyone who showed up to come to the con!

Well, that's it for this year! See you back again at Big Apple Spring Edition!


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