Big Apple Comic Con 2010

10/01/10 - 10/03/10

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Once again, it's time for Big Apple Comic Con! Back at the Penn Plaza!

Only pic from the con, me getting a cow hug!

The Friday night of the con happened to coincide with a special holiday.... the 11th Annual 29th Birthday Party of.... ME!! Woo Hoo!

So once the con wrapped up, we headed to the Playwright Irish Pub for a party!

Spat party in the house! We actually had people there who I knew from High School, College, Real Life and Con Life! It was a very strange mix!

Me and Geoff from Shocker Toys!

Me and Clare Kramer!

Mike Carbo dressed for the arctic for some reason!

Our Volunteers blowing off steam!

Erin Gray with Todd! It's his birthday, too! Todd and I went to College together and used to have Co-Birthday parties back in the day!

Me and Erin getting Photo Bombed by Geoff!

Geoff not holding my attention.

Some more C. W. Post Alum, Brian and Alan!

Me and Larry Thomas! You know, with that mustache he kind of looks like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

Me and Fraternity Brother Roger. He actually turned to me at one point and told me, "That woman behind you looks just like Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers". Uh, yeah.

Grace with my cake!!

I think we need to have some one go over those numbers. There's no way Todd is that old!

Spat in a hat!

The Hat! I have no idea where all these hats came from.

Jenn, Ruby and Chris having some boob fun.

Jeff and Geoff!

Diana, Tracy and Mandi!

Froggy and Tracy!

Sue with Guy Dorian!

Me and Guy!

Allan relaxing.

Timour somehow survived to the end of the night!

Me, Todd and Tracy!

The Birthday Boys!

Tracy, Tatiana and Guy!

Me and Dana!

Me and Doug Jones!

Tatiana rocks the hat.

Dougie and his Hat Fashion Show!

Doug, Geoff and Tatiana!

My Birthday Kiss from Tatiana!

Me and Cousin Tracy!

The many faces of Tracy.

Sylvia and Tracy!

Me and Dougie!

And then someone broke out the shots!

Tati in a hat!

Me and Geoff rocking the hats!


And that's about all I remember from that night!


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