Anaheim Comic Con '10

4/14/10 - 4/19/10

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Sunday at the con is my day to go around and really get pics. All the set up and figuring out stuff is done on Friday, all the insanity is done on Saturday. So Sunday is my day to actually check out the con!

Getting "Spooned" by the Soup Nazi himself, Larry Thomas!

Mindy Sterling from Austin Powers. And note the Cancer Bites sign in the background! Be sure to head to to buy a Cancer Bites shirt!

Getting my head slammed in the door of the Pursuit Special by Vernon Wells!

Virginia Hey (Farscape, Road Warrior) sitting on my head. Hey, it was her idea!!

Virginia, me and Vernon. Two great people! Loved meeting them!

Biting Chanel Ryan's ear while she stroked her own tail Wait, that sounds dirty.

Me and Allison! Allison was my Shadow for Anaheim Comic Con! Big thanks for all your help!

Marilyn Ghigliotti from Clerks!

Ahh, this is a special story. Cassandra Peterson, better known as Elvira, agreed to come to the show. My friend Baz almost booked a flight from the UK just to meet her. He LOVES her. He even has Elvira painted on his USCM Chest Plate. So when Cassandra got to the con, I called Baz, and put him on the phone with Elvira. She mentioned that she wanted him to send her a pic of his armor because she wanted to see it. After a minute or so, she handed me the phone back, and all I heard on the other end was girlish screaming and squealing. Now Baz looks like a typical Football Hooligan, so to hear him squealing was pretty scary. Then Cassandra gave me a signed pic to give to him. I wonder how much I should charge Baz to send this to him?

Linda Blair! Woo Hoo!

Eddie Deezen from 1941.

One of our Volunteer shirts, not only covered with autographs, but with sketches as well!

Me and Virginia. Love her!

And then it was time to go back to the bar!


And this is a hotel room key that was given to one of our female guests by another guest. Not naming names.

Max's three phones. Yes, all three phones belong to one person. She may have multiple personalities, I'm not sure.

Me with Max Wasa, model, actress, spike collector. And notice that she's also wearing a Cancer Bites shirt. Head to to get your own!

Me with DeeDee Bigelow from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! She gets to go riding in the Mad Max car this weekend. JEALOUS!!

Larry signed a Soup Ladle for Robin. She's the cook at Bar Louie, and apparently a big Soup Nazi fan!

Me and Larry!

Tracy and Larry!

Tracy's Wristbands.

Our Ketchup Bottle.

My drink.

As the night goes on, I take more and more random pics.


Me and Froggy!

And the end of the night, hugging the bar manager as we get ready to head home.

Comic Con!

And this is the award I got from the Saber Guild, a Star Wars Lightsaber Performance Group! AWESOME!!


Well, that's it for this trip! Big thanks to Wizard for letting me travel around the Country and put on shows! Big thanks to all my Volunteers, we can't put on the show without you!

See you all at the next show!



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