Anaheim Comic Con '10

4/14/10 - 4/19/10

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So, Wizard World decided to hold a Con in Anaheim! So I headed out there to help set things up!


Here's our PR guy, Jerry getting all excited about our sign!

Rob, our Sales Director, slightly out of phase with the rest of reality.

Our awesome Volunteers creating the swag bags for the con.

The freaking Batmobile! Not a replica, the actual George Barris Batmobile!

The last of the V-8 Interceptors!

That's right, it's the MFP Pursuit Special from Mad Max and The Road Warrior!

The Dealer Floor being set up!

The Wizard Team goofing off.

The Time Machine!

Then it was time to head out to the bar! For all our cons, we pick one bar to be our Home Base, and we basically live there all weekend. For this weekend it was Bar Louie in Gardenwalk. We LOVE this place!

Me and Froggy! Froggy is the official photographer for the Wizard shows.

The floor. Look how clean it is!

Rebecca, Froggy and me.

Rebecca and Froggy.


Of course, I don't have a lot of time to snap pics at the con when I'm setting up, but here's one!

The freaking Red Mist car from Kick Ass!

Best radio message I heard on Friday.... One of the Ladies Rooms was locked, and a Volunteer wanted to know where to send a woman who needed to use the bathroom. So he popped on the radio and asked, "How do girls pee?"

And I answered, "Sitting down."

I have to say, that was probably the busiest Friday I've seen in a very long time.

And then back to the bar..

Rebecca, I guess?

Rebecca mugging for the camera.

Vernon Wells (Road Warrior, Commando) talking with Mike.


Again, don't expect a lot of pics from Saturday. I only took one, but it's a doozey!


Saturday was an insane day. Big crowds, lots of Artists, lots of Media Guests, and lots of fans trying to shop, get autographs and have fun. Overall, a very successful day!

And, I got to drive Julie Newmar from Batman around in a little yellow scooter car thing while she held onto my arm for dear life!

Then we went back to the bar...

Me and Vernon! Love this guy!

And who is this stranger? Is that Heather?!?! It's been forever since she's been in an escapade!

Stacy Heather Tolken (the voice of Sally on Charlie Brown) and Spike Spencer (voice of a lot of Anime characters).

Alexis Cruz (Stargate) and Heather Harris (Jedi House)! That's right, I plugged Jedi House. So what?

Alexis, Spike and Heather in a Devil's Threeway.

Spike and me!

My cousin Tracy. She came to the con to see what it was all about and ended up getting put to work in Registration!

Me and Daz Crawford (Blade 2 and Trenches). Daz and I worked on Trenches together. Check it out!

Tracy and me!

Our AWESOME servers, Caitlin and Candice! If you see them at Bar Louie, tell them Spat said hi! And tip them well!

Scott and me! Scott was working at the show as well!


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