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Lamp Mounting Kit
Here are all the parts you need to attach a Shoulder Lamp to your Armor! Includes: Lamp Bracke..
Lighter Pouch Kit
Here's a simple kit based on the lighter pouch that Hicks wore in the film. It's cast in a flexible ..
Marine Ammo Belt Pouch
These padded pouches are designed to match the pouches carried by the Colonial Marines. They're read..
Marine Armor Name ID
Here's a great way to customize your gear!  These decals and stencils are an easy way to add a ..
Marine Binoculars Kit
Sometimes you just really want to see what that thing running towards you is.... before it pounces o..
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Marine Gear Belt Pouch
These non-opening, padded pouches are designed to match the pouches carried by some Marines. They're..
Marine Headset Prop Kit
For those days when you don't want to wear your helmet, pop on a headset!  It works! We offe..
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Motion Tracker Prop Kit
A very simple resin kit that needs just a little clean-up and some paint to make a very nice display..
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Pistol Harness
Based on the Vasquez pistol rig, this setup includes a belt, with over the shoulder strap, and a lea..
Pulse Rifle Magazine Prop Kit
Everyone needs some extra ammo at some point! Just remember that this kit is meant to be a displa..
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Savannah Lighter Kit
This is a replica of the lighter carried by Hicks in his lighter pouch.  Just needs a little cl..
Shoulder Lamp Kit
Need some light for your next bug hunt?  Here's a shoulder lamp for you!  Made from the sa..
Need something for your rifle or Tracker?  Or for some other gear?  Here's the answer to y..
Static LED Counter
Just in case you need a static counter for any project you're working on, here it is!  Remember..
Tracker Watch Kit
While this watch won't let anyone actually track you, it is a great addition to your costume! The..
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