Resin Kit FAQ


I'm ordering from outside the US, how do I place an order? Your store doesn't calculate International shipping.

Yes it does! I've finally fixed it. Also it should work without a problem now to almost any Country on Earth!

Check the cost of shipping here: Shipping Rates.

Do you ship your kits to other countries?

Some of these resin kits don't look like anything special, so they can get into any country without a problem. Other kits look like a weapon even in kit form, and some countries will not allow them in. Just to be safe, please check with your local laws and Government Import laws before ordering this item.  Some Towns, Cities, States and Governments do not allow replicas of firearms to be owned, shipped or imported.  We are not responsible for kits seized by customs, or other agencies.  The buyer is responsible for knowing the laws where they live before order.

How do you ship the Kit and how long does it take?

In the US, I ship everything via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days). Internationally, I ship via USPS Priority (generally 5-10 days). This does not include the time it takes for me to actually cast and prep your kit for shipping. That can take anywhere from 2 days to 8 weeks depending on how crazy things are here. Small kits like the Hellboy Locator ship out via USPS First Class Mail for both Domestic and International. It's so small that it's not worth the extra charge of Priority. So even though the store may calculate a Priority price, I do refund the shipping difference, if any.

Remember, this is the shipping time, not the time it takes for your kit to be ready to ship out after you place your order, only the time it takes for the Post Office to get the kit to you after I drop it off with them.

Resin Info

What is the Kit made out of?

The materials used for these kits is a polyurethane resin. I use Black resin because I hate making kits that are molded in white. This way, if any paint does chip off, it will show black underneath, not white. The kit is made of solid resin, no fillers are used. This is not cheap, brittle resin that will crack and chip as you assemble the kit. I use only the highest quality materials with my kits.

How accurate are your kits to the ones used in the film?

Most of my kits are cast directly for screen used props, so they are 100% accurate. But remember, on a big movie, there are many versions of each props used (Hero, Stunt, Background), so there are slight variations of each. Some of the kits are hand sculpted based on photos and measurements of the originial props and are probably 90% or better accurate.

Do your kits have air bubbles?

Some do. But for the most part, the bubbles are small enough that you'll never see them, or can easily be repaired with some bondo or putty. Sadly, there's no way to really avoid it as most of these molds are just too big to fit into a pressure pot or vaccuum chamber.

Here's some info on how to fill small and medium airbubbles.




I'll be using some simple putty for this, but any kind of hobby putty, or Bondo will work.





Cover the part with the putty and let it dry for about 20 minutes. Check the instructions that come with the putty for the correct drying times.





Sand the part smooth with a light grit sandpaper, and you're all set!


How hard is it to build these kits?

Well, that depends on your skill level, and how much time you want to put into it. Some of the kits look ready to hang on the wall right out of the box, and others are in many parts and need tools to assemble. Be sure to check out the Instructions Page for your kit and familiarize yourself with the tools needed BEFORE placing your order. I don't keep the assembly procedures a secret, and I do that for a reason. I want you to see what you're getting involved with before you place your order.

Repairing Resin

One of the parts of my kit is bent, or mishapen. How do I fix it?

Actually, resin is pretty simple to fix. All you need to do is heat it up and re-shape it:




Here's a part that was damaged after casting.




Start by heating a bowl of water almost to the point of boiling. Be careful, the water will be hot!





Dip the part into the water and hold it there for a few seconds to soften it up. For thicker parts, you may need to hold it a little longer.




Remove the part from the water, and while still warm and supple, bend it back into shape with your fingers. Larger parts that are bent can just be laid onto a flat surface to straighten out.




Once you get it to the shape you want, let it cool for a few minutes, and you should be ready to continue building your kit!

Ordering Info

Is there a discount if I order more than one kit, or if I order multiple things from your website?

Of course! E-mail me and we can discuss it.

How long does it take to make one Resin kit?

Usually it takes 2-5 days depending on what other projects I'm working on. Unlike other resin kit makers, not only do I cast your kit, but I also pre-sand it, clean it up, and test fit it to ensure that it will go together well. But since this is not my full time job, this is just a hobby, there is a chance that it can take me up to 8 weeks before I have the time to get to your kit. I apologize for that, but sometimes my real life gets in the way of my hobbies.

I saw a Resin kit on that Auction site for $XXX.XX. How come yours is so much more expensive?

As they say, you get what you pay for. I sell my kits for the minimum I can based on the cost of resin, the cost of silicone to make the mold, the cost of the original prop, and the amount of time and energy it takes for me to cast and prep the kit for you. The only way for me to make these kits cheaper would be to use really cheap resin, or pack it with fillers. Fillers are powders that are mixed with the liquid resin so you will use less resin in each pour. They make the final resin part a lot lighter, and less expensive, but also makes them very brittle, and can cause them to crack, splinter, or just plain disintegrate after you handle it for a while. If you really want to save some money, you can buy the cheaper kits, but you'll end up putting in more time working on it.

I saw a Resin kit on that Auction site for $XXX.XX. How come yours is so much cheaper?

Other kits out there have moving parts, they fit onto airsoft pistols or rifles, or they are made of much higher grade materials than I use (injection molded plastics, or metal). A lot of those kits are a lot better than mine, and I freely admit that, and many are worth every penny. What I offer is a low cost alternative for those who can't afford a really expensive kits, or fully assembled props.

Kit Options

Can I get the Resin Kit built and assembled instead of in kit form?

No. While it really only takes a day or two to fully assemble one of these kits, I just don't have the time to put into it. Also, I suck at painting. You don't want a kit painted by me.

Do you have any new kits coming out soon?

Maybe! It all depends on what screen used props I get my grubby little hands on, or what items i sit down and sculpt up. Sending me e-mails asking me to make things for you is nice, but realistically, I don't usually have the time to hunt those items down and try and make them. But I sometimes know someone who does make that kit.

Hope that helped!




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