Shipping Information

Shipping Information

SpatCave Studios uses the US Postal Service (USPS) Priority for all deliveries and shipments.When your order ships out, you will be notified by email through the USPS with the tracking info.

Shipping rates are calculated at checkout. But you can refer to the below chart to see what the shipping cost will be.

If you would like to have your order shipped to you via a different shipping company, or through USPS First Class mail, or USPS Priority Express, please contact us for rates.

These prices include the actual shipping costs, and the cost of shipping materials, including boxes, packing materials, shipping labels, etc..

If you order an item that is noted as being a FLAT RATE ITEM, and you only order one of them, and it is being shipped Internationally, the shipping will be via USPS Priority International. If you'd like that item shipped via USPS First Class, we can accommodate that as well. Please be sure to contact us and we will refund the extra shipping that the store charges.

Domestic Shipping Rates (in the US and to US Territories):

From(USD) To(USD) Rate(USD)
0.01 40.0010 10.00
40.01 150.00 20.00
150.01 250.00 30.00
250.01 600.004 40.00
600.01 and up 55.00

International Shipping Rates 1:

(Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Spain, Turkmenistan, Cyprus, Estonia, France, India, Israel, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Vatican City State, Armenia, Guernsey, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Germany, Iceland, Denmark, Georgia, Norway, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia, Austria, Belgium, Greenland, Grenada, Italy, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine)

From(USD) To(USD) Rate(USD)
0.01 10.00 50.00
10.01 150.00 65.00
150.01 250.00 80.00
250.01 600.00 100.00
600.01 and up 120.00

International Shipping Rates 2:

(Antigua and Barbuda, Panama, Bermuda, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Canada, Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Guam, Jamaica, Mexico, Samoa, Virgin Islands (USA), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Chile, Haiti, Honduras, Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Peru, Paraguay)

From(USD) To(USD) Rate(USD)
0.01 10.00 45.00
10.01 150.00 60.00
150.01 250.00 70.00
250.01 600.00 80.00
600.01 and up 100.00

International Shipping Rates 3:

(Fiji, Hong Kong, Iraq, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia, China, Laos, Egypt, Madagascar, New Zealand, Australia, India, Iran, Libya, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, North Korea, Taiwan)

From(USD) To(USD) Rate(USD)
0.01 10.00 50.00
10.01 150.00 70.00
150.01 250.00 95.00
250.01 600.00 110.00
600.01 and up 130.00
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