Terms & Conditions

All items are hand made from scratch.  This takes time.  We are not a factory.  We are fans making costumes for fans.  These are not mass produced garbage.  These are custom pieces hand made by trained artisans just for you. This is not our day job. We make these items in our spare time.  Please be patient.

As each item is hand made, you can expact variations of color, pattern, shape and size in the item you receive compared to the photos that are posted. Wait times are just estimates.  As each item is hand made, the actual wait time can be as long as double the listed wait time, OR MORE.  Please be patient, and know that your gear will be created and shipped in order when your turn comes up in the queue.

Please allow up to approximately 2-8 weeks or more for delivery on most kit items.

Armor items can take 10-12 MONTHS OR MORE before they are ready to ship to you.

International Shipping is available. Prices calculated at checkout.

Shipping Insurance is available upon request. E-mail for rates.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Please check with your local laws and Government Import laws before ordering replica prop weapons.  Some Towns, Cities, States and Governments do not allow replicas of firearms to be owned, shipped or imported.  We are not responsible for kits seized by customs, or other agencies.  The buyer is responsible for knowing the laws where they live before order.

International Buyers - You are solely responsible for paying any duties, taxes, fees or VAT's needed for items being imported into your country. We cannot undervalue the cost of the item on any Duty forms as this is illegal, and negates any insurance coverage that may be on the item.


SpatCave Studios Return Policy:

Armor, Costumes or Apparel:

An item returned in "Unused" condition and within 30 days can be exchanged for a new one if it arrives to you damaged. If you wear the costume, break something and then try and return it, you will be charged for repairs, and the return shipping costs. The cost of the repairs will be determined by us. Our decision on if the costume is in "worn" condition or not, or the value of the repairs, is final. There are NO refunds on armor. Once your payment is made for armor, those monies are used to buy materials for your costume, and cannot be refunded NO MATTER WHAT. You are comissioning an artisan to custom make a costume for you from scratch.  There are NO refunds.

Prop Kits:

If you start to assemble the kit and then change your mind, your money will NOT be refunded. If a part is damaged in transit, we will replace it. If you damage a part, or need a replacement, contact us and we will work with you to get your part replaced as quickly as possible.  

Clothing items are not returnable.  If you order a set of BDU's and they don't fit, we will work with you to modify the costume to get it to fit you.  This may be an additional charge.  Please make sure you check our measurement chart CAREFULLY before placing your order.  Do not make assumptions about your size.  Have someone measure you as we do not use standard off the rack clothing sizes.

Shipping Charges are not refundable.

PayPal fees are not refundable.


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