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Trish had stopped me earlier when I was getting a drink and told me that she was going to dance with me later. I had no idea how much she wanted to dance with me!

Sucky, sucky. Rosa and Trish having a taste.

Naughty girl!

Well, now you know where the tail has been!

I liked dancing with this Rosa! Bugs need grinding, too!

I wish she had warned me she was going to jump me. I was not expecting this kind of dancing!

Mmmm.... Bug Sandwich!!

But damn, they love the tail!!

Naughty PA girls!!

My tail lost all traces of innocence that night!

"I see you baby. Shakin' that ass!!"

Sucking the tail again!

Rosa loved to grind the bug!

Double team!

I wish I could remember if her eyes were really glowing red, or if it's just the flash!


Finally, I needed a break, and Rosa walked with me to see what I looked like without the mask on. When I finally got the mask off, I noticed she had a tongue ring and used the famous Mardi Gras line....

"Wow, I've never kissed a girl with a tongue ring before....."


Then it was back into the changing room to pack up. By now it was about 3 am. The rave kept going until 6, but we were all exhausted and needed food, badly!

My illustrious Combat Photographer, Matt. Without whom I would just have naughty stories about the 2 girls who molested me. Stories which no one would believe without the pics! So a big thanks to Matt for helping out!

The Bartenders relaxing and watching us get undressed. That explains why they're laughing so hard!

Casual Maul.

We all took pics of her riding around on the scooter. I think we were kind of hoping she fall and break her ass!

"Woo Hoo, I'm gonna be on the Spat Cave!"

Cutie Bartender.

And I had to end on this shot!


All told by the end of the night I had lost a finger, (thankfully Matt found it on the dancefloor), broke 2 other fingers, and had lost all feeling in my thighs!

We went to breakfast afterwards, and I finally got on the road back to NY at 5 am. By 5:30 I was too tired to see, so I pulled over into a McDonalds parking lot for a quick 20 minute nap..... and awoke at 8 am!! Had breakfast and was home by 10! What a night!


Wanna find out more about Shampoo? Head to thier Website. And tell them the Bug sent you!


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