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3/16/01 Frank's band, Funk Face plays at CBGB's!

These guys rocked!! We all had a great time watching them play, drinking, dancing, and hanging out with the other folks from the Empire City Garrison.


8/12/01 Night Out With The Boys!

Me, Juan, Mikey, Steve and Trojan went out to a Comedy Club, then decided to hit a pub for "one drink". Needless to say, we got pretty drunk, as you can see by Trojan having to be carried around by Steve. I was pretty drunk as well, but didn't puke as much as Trojan did!! I love the pic of us with the girls we met on the street. Note Trojan unconscious for that! (Photos courtesy of Juan)


4/8/01 Boli Photo Shoot

Before we got to go to the Boli Awards, we had to do a photo shoot for the programs for that night. So here is the Empire City Garrison posing and getting silly for the cameras.


4/22/01 Vacc Party

Yet another Vacc Party. This time, Eric showed up with some friends!! A Dr. Evazen mask, a Ponda Baba sculpt, and an uppity Ugnaught!


1/4/02 A Night With Harry

Harry Harris (the undisputed Aliens Costume and Prop expert) came to New York, so I made it a point to meet up with him and his friend's band at Arlene's Grocery. The next day we got together at The SpatCave to compare notes. Damn is he short!


3/14/02 Sci-Fi Cafe

Another trip to the Sci-Fi Cafe with the ECG.


5/15/03 Matrix Reloaded After Party

John and I got invited to the Matrix Party, so we decided to go in costume. So that day we sculpted, molded and cast head plugs and arm plugs for us to wear at the party!


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