The Boli Awards May 2001



The Boli Awards are an awards show for Long Island Advertisers. It's held every year, and each year's show has a different theme. This year, they went with the Sci-Fi theme, and asked the members of the Empire City Garrison to act as escorts, guards, and presenters. It took place at the Vanderbilt, a really nice hall in Long Island. Here are the pics!


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"I'm not the droid you're looking for."

Here's Frank in a Jengo Fett costume that Eric and I made. Came out pretty sweet if you ask me.

The bug waiting for something to eat.

The Imperials gearing up.

I guess these guys don't get out much. Here's Mikey and Scott dancing in their "Man Stockings." Then they knocked over my drink. Bastards.

Eric and his cousin and his cousin's friend.

Mikey and Keith drinking at the bar after the show.

Mark and George enjoying a free drink.

After the show, they set us up with 3 free rooms at a nearby hotel. Here's Eric wearing a towel on his head.

Mark watching Keith laugh himself silly.

Eric's cousin and his friend.

Mikey, Cricket, Zippy and Mark hanging out in the room.


Did you notice that there's not one picture of me? Odd, huh?


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