Sci-Fi Weekend 2007

11/02/07 - 11/05/07

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Sunday morning, and time for another English Breakfast! Yum!!

Here's a set of Marine Armor made for Terry English, by his son. And you can see it in the proper scale. That's right, the whole suit is only about 18" tall!

Oh, no! Daleks! Funny how you see a lot more of those over here than you do in the States.


Mantroon getting ready to go bug hunting with a Mini-Gun.

The Range Masters.

Love this art!


Darren showing me his Ab Pad. It's Terry English's armor plates, attached to my ab pad. Darren says my Ab Pad is better than Terry's. YEAH!

Sunday afternoon, and it was time for another Lifecast panel!

This time, we got Trevor Steedman to be our Victim!

Here he is being prepped...


Fal helping out and making a cool sign for Trevor!


And de-molding.

And afterwards, he called his lawyer to sue me for touching him where the bathing suit covers.


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