Labyrinth 2007

9/28/07 - 9/29/07

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What is Labyrinth? It's a new convention from Jeff Mach, the guy behind the Wicked Conventions. This is his new one, held in New Jersey. They invited me over to do some panels, and my friend James asked if I would be willing to Emcee the Naughty Mardi Gras Contest party again. How could I say no?

Soon after I got there, I bumped into Lizzie, a model from LA, who stood out in this crowd for some reason.

A group of people in green face paint with pointy noses and ears (Goblins most likely) went around sticking signs on people's backs that read, "Property of Goblinz". This poor Cop was an unwitting victim.

Jamie! He's the artist and mental case behind the In His Likeness Comic Strip. Check it out, and be sure to tell him that Spat sent you!

Pirates off the Starboard bow!

And here's Josh, he's the unofficial videographer of the show. And he helped me out with getting some awesome footage of our Live Lifecast! Which, by the way, we did in only 35 minutes! The fastest ever! Be sure to check it out on Volume 4 of the Spat Gone Wild DVD series (coming in 2008).

Lizzie, hanging out outside Jamie's room because the Fire Marshals were out in force that weekend and apparently, hotel rooms are only able to hold 4 people in them at a time without bursting into flames.

Me and Lizzie.

Cool shirt.

Another hallway party goer.

Here's Naju, she's our head mold model, but again, you'll have to wait to see the video!

And here's Naju hiding from the camera!

And then I asked Lizzie to dance for my amusement. And 50 pictures later, she stopped. In the meantime...

Then someone came out and chained her up.

Some more chained dancing.

More dancing.

Unchained dancing.

Hallway Party people.


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