Halloween Weekend 03


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For Friday Night I decided to forgo the Parade and head out to a club right off. Heather, Tony, Mike, Sharon, Danielle, George, Valerie and I hopped over to China Club to party there.

The place was pretty packed, and there were some really nice costumes all over, most store bought, but some really nice original stuff as well.

Danielle, Sharon and Mike.

Spat taking a break in the outdoor smoking garden. That's right, a Club in New York that is Smoker Friendly!!

General hotties.

Tony trying his best moves, of course, including a hand massage!

Heather in the Black Cat costume.

Tony needed an adjustment! Sure he did!

George trying to perfect the Self-Shot. (Photo courtesy of George)

Me attacking Heather and Valerie. (Photo courtesy of George)

In case you didn't notice, the gloves don't exactly match the rest of the costume. I lost one of the gloves a while back, and at the last minute decided to make a new pair and we didn't have a chance to paint them to match before Halloween. (Photo courtesy of George)

I guess they're bunny girls of some sort. I don't know, I just liked dancing with them! (Photo courtesy of George)

George making the rounds! (Photo courtesy of George)

Valerie and George.

Some various costume shots.

Tony, Me and George.

By the end of the night, I had tied with Medusa for first place in the costume contest, and Tony had tied with Adam (basically a guy running through the club buck naked) for second!

And finally, Heather and Tony relaxing on the way home.


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