Chiller Theatre April 2003

4/25 - 4/27


How to describe this Chiller Theatre? I think I can best sum up my version of the weekend in one word... "Bar". That's right. I pretty much didn't leave the bar all weekend. As some of you know, I used to work on the Security Staff at Chiller, but about a month before this show I was asked not to return as Staff. Why? Who knows. The pictures on my website from the last Chiller show were sited as a reason (they don't give the impression that Chiller is a family show apparently). But I decided to hit the show anyway. And I must say, it's a completely different experience going as a attendee after working at 6 Chiller's in a row!

At the Bar, Roger bought me 5 Jack and Cokes! All in one shot! All because at the last ECG outting, I commented that he would always be a Newbie in my eyes. Well, Roger, welcome to the club, you're official now!

Bar shot.

Members of the ECG holding a little Pow Wow in the bar.

Sam and Kathy having fun at the bar trying to get free drinks!

Hector and Hugo waiting for a bus.

Hey! When I'm taking a picture of you, you don't go taking pictures of me!

Rosa, a Con Virgin, hanging out with the bad crowd! She's already got a bad reputation now!

Sam getting silly.

Frank looking for the party!

Never give a camera to Tony. Here's a great pic of my nostrils!

Armed and dangerous at the bar!

I think the Troopers were playing a game of Quarters with thier helmets!

Sam giving Kathy the Devil Horns!


"Mom, she won't stop poking me!"

Cousin It!

Bob, our new evil bartender getting people drunk.

The Bopsie Twins.

Does Jeanette ever take a good picture? She was really mad at me the next day for calling her cell phone at like 3am and leaving a long rambling, babbling message. I blame Bob the Bartender.

Rachel smiling.

Dion with his BFG.

Still at the bar.

Jennie flashing her gams.

Kathy gave me a wedgie. :(

And then stuffed my Star Wars figures in her shirt. Ewww. Big thanks to Jennie and Zippy for the Emporer and Senator Palpatine figures.

Then my Cousin George showed up!

"While you're down there..."

Tanya gets her first Boob Grab!

I have no idea who this is, but she's got a great smile!

Molesting Faith, as usual.

Kathy and George.

In case you don't recognize George, he decided to spill his drink on himself like he did the first time he made the Spatcave at the Tattoo Convention!

Getting molested while Tony and Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface) discuss the Speed of Light.

"Shhh, you had me at 'I am your Father'"

Leon molesting Erika. Or Emily. I can't remember anymore.

My turn!

I have no idea what's going on there.

Then John showed up! He looks so happy and proud, doesn't he?

Me and Vic! I felt really bad about not working Security for him. I know we left him a little short handed, but whatcha gonna do?

Hotties being interviewed for something.

Mmmmm..... Ataria Starling......


That's one frisky Muppet!

And finally, Rosa with Brad Douriff!


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